What type of banner suits my needs?

Mesh Direct have an extensive range of mesh banners and other signage options to select from depending on your needs. Our signage include the following: Banner Mesh, Printed Shade Cloth/Scrim, Vinyl Hoarding, Corflute Signage, Jumpform signage, Mesh fencing, Event signage, fence signage, mesh signage, printed shade cloth fence, shade cloth printing, site signage.
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Do I need eyelets?

Yes, eyelets allow Shade Cloth and banners to be attached to the fence easily with either clips or cable ties. All of Mesh Direct products have some form of eyelet. Our Shade Cloth has built in reinforced buttonhole the eyelets which are simple to use and allow a certain amount of tension to be applied, and our banner mesh products have metal rust-free metal eyelets which allow significant tension to be applied to allow a wrinkle-free smooth finish – ideal where the “look ” is important.

Is shade cloth fire retardant?

Most Shade Cloth Banners and Banner Mesh are not fire rated, however our premium product has tested fire retardant properties as well as full CSIRO wind testing. Click here to view these specs.

Do I have to buy in 50m rolls?

All of our shade cloth, both printed and unprinted and banner mesh are available in 50M rolls only. Our premium fencing mesh is available in any custom size from 1M x 1M panels to 90M rolls. Suggested size for fencing applications is 1.6M high (on average 1.8M high) which allows the tension to be applied during installation.

We have a site with a large perimeter, can I mix and match your products?

Mesh Direct recommend that banner mesh is used on larger sites to maximise the impact the site has on the local area from a selling perspective or for brand building. Additionally, shade cloth can be used to coordinate the site but minimise the impact on budgets. Click here to consult a sales representative.

Can your products be washed and reused?

Mesh Direct offer a 2-year warranty on banner mesh products as long as they are used correctly. It is estimated that shade cloth will last approximately 12 months if handled and installed correctly.

Is there much difference between shade cloth and banner mesh?

Yes there is a difference, shade cloth is the traditional PVC shade cloth with little rigid strength and a looser application whereby the banner mesh products have significantly more structure and print with significantly more impact.

Banner mesh can be re-used; often it works out cheaper with the ability to apply it to various sites (ensure the initial art is correct for re-use or use smaller panels).

Can you do custom sizing for your Vinyl Banner?

Mesh Direct can produce any size of either banner mesh or vinyl banner signage.
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How do your products compare with others?

Mesh Direct offer an incredibly competitive pricing with our full range as well as have a full range for all applications. Therefore avoiding the wrong product being sold.
Mesh Direct is also equipped to provide significant amount of runs of materials and have provided km’s worth of branded banner mesh.

How long do the banners last?

Mesh Direct offer a 2-year warranty on banner mesh products as long as they are used correctly. However it is estimated that Shade Cloth will last approximately 12 months if handled correctly.
Environmental factors can also influence the longevity of the banner.

What are the size constraints for Banner Mesh/Vinyl Banner?

Mesh Direct can produce any size of either banner mesh or vinyl banner signage.
Individual banners can be approximately 3.2 m x 50 m however they can be joined therefore ensuring no size restriction. Click here to request a quote

What material is best suited for a temporary fence?

Shade Cloth, Banner Mesh and Custom Banners are the three options to go for when advertising on a Temporary Fence.

What is the difference between the printing quality on Shade Cloth & Banner Mesh?

The difference is in the quality of the printing achieved between the two products. It’s quite a significant difference, however the up side to the Shade Cloth is that it is very affordable and does the job. It also lets more air through so it creates less wind load on the fencing.

Banner Mesh offers a premium looking finish, right through to a full coverage print. The lifespan of the Banner Mesh is greater due to heavy weight construction of the base material, along with the rope edge for added strength when attaching to the fence.


What are the art requirements?

Please note the following art requirements:

  • All artwork supplied is at 10% of actual size (large size)
  • All fonts must be outlined.
  • Logos are to be supplied as .eps files or high resolution .pdf
  • Click here to view artwork specifications

Can you do the graphic work in-house?

Mesh Direct have an in-house graphic design team who can assist with your artwork requirements. For design services, a small fee will be charged and you will be advised prior to design. Request a quote here.

What sort of images can you print?

Mesh Direct use a full UV stabilised printing process through large presses. This enables long lasting, highly detailed finished products. The stamping process is not used whereby a logo appears every 3M (we can do this anyway with our advanced machines).

Do you offer an installation service?

Mesh Direct has an installation team in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Hobart. Cable ties, tape and installation instructions can be supplied.

Where do you print Banners?

Mesh Direct consult and print banners Australia wide. We have offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast. We have print facilities in Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane and Melbourne

Do you provide wholesale prices?

Click here to consult a sales representative regarding the current Mesh Direct to discuss a wholesale agreement.

Do you provide sales credit?

Mesh Direct work on an upfront payment basis. Payment plans can be arranged on a case-by-case basis with your sales consultant.

What is the best way to attach the Shade Cloth / Banner Mesh to a construction fence?

We recommend using cable ties to attach your Printed Shade Cloth or Banner Mesh to your fence. Our Printed Shade Cloth rolls have button holes along the edges to allow cable ties to be easily pushed through them. Our banner mesh products all come with a heavy duty roped edge for extra support which allows your cable ties to wrap around easily.

What file types are required to print?

For a good quality finish, we require either an Ai, EPS or Hi Res PDF File.


What are your daily cut-off times for new orders to be submitted?

The cut off time for new orders submitted is 5pm Monday to Friday. Please note submission dates may affect the arrival of the finished product.

Do you have a minimum order?

Mesh Direct requires a minimum order valued at $250.

What is the procedure with placing an order?

For a guide to ordering with Mesh Direct, please click here.

What is the expected turnaround time for an order?

Once the artwork has been received, a proof will take approx 1-2 working days to be drawn up. Once signed and approved, the printing process will begin. This usually takes between 3-4 working days, depending on how many rolls are ordered.