We’re one of the leaders in grand format printing and signage in New Zealand because of our budget-friendly prices and reliable nature. We’re absolutely obsessed with getting artwork and designs perfect, and to us – presentation is everything. This means we’re always getting the best results for our customers and their business. We want to see their business transform and grow as a direct result of working with Mesh Direct.

We’ve got in-house experts who help advise our clients on the best substrates for their application based on their outlined budget, as well as other key factors such as environmental considerations, the traffic load of the area and the exact positioning of the signs and banners.

Here at Mesh Direct, we sell to all areas of New Zealand, and can arrange an installation for you, even if it’s for an area outside our usual sign installation locations. We liaise constantly with the New Zealand and local governments, and due to our competitive pricing, we’re the preferred suppliers of Christchurch and Auckland fence panels and LogoNet mesh. We provide numerous government departments and local councils with these products on a regular basis.

Mesh Direct is a reliable supplier of signs and fence panels (and many more products) to a range of different industries. We’re also reached a supplier status with various property developers and corporate builders. We offer our clients some of the lowest prices in the large format printing industry, particularly for products such as printed shade cloth, corflute and LogoNet mesh. We pride ourselves on our specialty banners for music festivals, the construction industry and large scale events.

Don’t hesitate to give our sales team a call on 0800 109 093 to discuss what Mesh Direct can do to assist you with your next grand scale printing project.