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Printed Banner Mesh: Ultimate Guide To Common Terms

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When it comes to the utilising printed banner mesh in your construction business, the terminology and vernacular might take some getting used to. Which is why we’ve put together an ultimate guide to common terms used in the world of signage, mesh banners and shade cloth.

Banner mesh

If you’ve been considering the fencing around your construction site, you’ve probably heard the term ‘banner mesh’. Banner mesh is the material that covers a construction site fence. If a business is utilising it effectively, it often features branding, a logo and the business’ details.

Banner mesh is an incredibly effective way to increase your brand awareness, and is a great way to create uniformity across a construction or festival site. Our mesh is sold in an array of lengths and can also be purchased in individual fence panels. For more information on panels of mesh, visit our LogoNet fence panels page.

Banner mesh is a general term that encompasses three different types of mesh: premium banner mesh, standard banner mesh and wind mesh.

LogoNet Premium Mesh

As the name suggests, LogoNet premium mesh is a type of banner mesh. Of our products, this is generally the most sought-after, as it’s highly durable and versatile. It’s also the banner mesh that provides the most stunning print results, while still allowing for that all-important wind flow.

This style of mesh fencing boasts PVC coated substrate which ensures that the ink from your print job is adequately absorbed, as well as provided UV protection.

LogoNet standard mesh

LogoNet standard mesh is our mid range fencing product. For those businesses on a tighter budget, this may be a more affordable than our premium option. While the print quality isn’t as good, it still offers an excellent structure, uniform look and print quality.

This product is incredibly easy to install, using simple cable ties and metal eyelets, making it a great temporary fencing solution for any event or construction site.

LogoNet wind mesh

Wind mesh is the final product in our printed banner mesh collection. It’s a product that’s specially made to withstand large wind loads and the harsh Australian climate.

This printed banner mesh is designed with a much more open weave, with perforated material that allows more wind to flow through the mesh. This puts less load and pressure on the structure to which it’s attached, making it and ideal solution for high-wind areas and construction sites. The fact that it’s a more perforated product means that the print quality isn’t as high as our premium banner mesh, however it still provides a professional finish.

Wind flow

When working out which printed mesh banner product is right for you, you may be asked to consider what the wind flow is like in your designated area.

Wind can have a major impact on how durable your mesh fencing is, and so if you’re planning on installing in a high wind area, you’ll need to opt for wind mesh, which as we mentioned above, has a more open weaved designed for this type of environment.

Building wraps

If you’re in the business of large scale developments, you may have come across the term ‘building wraps’, you may have even seen one for yourself.

Building wraps are extremely popular in Europe and America, particularly when it comes to landmarks undergoing maintenance or construction.

Traditionally, these wrap around the entire facade of the building, with a rendition of the building underneath. Alternatively, other companies opt for cityscapes, nature scenes, while some use it as an advertising platform for their brand.

Printed shade cloth

Printed shade cloth is one of the most commonly used banner products used, and is incredibly versatile. Also known as ‘scrim’, it can be sold as plain (unprinted), partially printed or fully printed to suit your needs.

It can be completely customised to suit scaffolds, temporary fences, chain wire fences and building facades. It’s an adaptable and budget-friendly option for everything from construction sites to music festival fencing.

LogoNet mesh fence panels

Using printed banner mesh in fence panels, this product is perfect for temporary fencing on construction sites. Mesh fence panels provide a great amount of flexibility on site, and can be moved around easily as your construction site grows.

This type of mesh is also very aesthetically appealing, and makes any site look uniform and professional.


And there you have it! Our ultimate guide to printed banner mesh terminology. Still got questions? No problem, get in touch to talk to one of our experts.



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