Printed Shade Cloth/Scrim

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Printed shade cloth (otherwise known as ‘scrim’) is an incredibly practical and low-cost solution to your marketing needs. Crafted from permeable substrate, our printed shade cloth is specially designed to withstand exposure to the elements. It’s unique make-up makes it ideal for strong wind loads to penetrate the fabric effortlessly. Its design also ensures that the product itself is light, meaning that there are low risks loads on the support scaffolding and/or structure.

Printed shade cloth or scrim offers much in the way of budget-friendly advertising solutions as well. You can easily print your business logo or branding onto the product, along with any colour schemes and typography you require. A professionally branded business aesthetic does wonders for your company’s visibility and appearance when featured on printed shade cloth.

There is much flexibility offered in terms of printing with this mesh fencing option. You can choose from plain, partial print and fully printed shade cloth, depending on your financial position and business budget. You needn’t worry about an extended or costly installation process, as this product is very simply to set up. It’s easily assembled with the use of cable ties attached to temporary fencing.

It can also be applied to scaffolding, other temporary fencing options, building facades and chain wire fences. This makes it the perfect solution for advertising your business, as these types of structures are often in high-traffic areas, and gain a lot of exposure to various audiences throughout the lifespan of the construction site. If you want your brand and business to benefit from this exposure, then Mesh Direct’s printed shade cloth is the product for you.

The perfect shade cloth for every situation

Printed shade cloth is often used across an array of events and scenarios, such as music festivals and sporting events, as well as construction sites. Because of its low-budget cost, it’s often suggested that clients use printed shade cloth where the run is on the longer side and where the print resolution is not the first priority.

Development and construction sites, retail areas, as well as community and school events are all appropriate venues for our printed shade cloth product. Shade cloth is also suitable for large-scale events and developments in Christchurch, Auckland, Wellington and beyond.

Our shade cloth and printed fabric products meet all relevant building and OH&S requirements. In addition, our shade cloth is boasts completely UV stabilised inks and substrates. This means that your sign will be created with durability in mind – it won’t fade for at least twelve months.

This product is sold in a variety of options: unprinted, partially printed or completely printed shade cloth in rolls of 50 metres. This makes it ideal for runs that are on the longer side for both permanent and temporary fencing. The cloth itself is crafted from knitted monofilament polythene which makes it long lasting and durable. It’s stretch factor is only around 2-3%, which ensures that the mesh holds its shape over time and doesn’t droop once it’s seen a bit or wind or rain. This makes it well-suited to high wind areas and locations.

We also stock building wraps as well as other marketing materials, so if you would like to know more contact us now at Mesh Direct to find out more to hear about the great range we have for you.

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LogoNet Premium Mesh

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Of all our various products, here at Mesh Direct, our most commonly requested product is LogoNet Premium Mesh. It has numerous different purposes and can be found across a wide range of construction sites and developments in various scenarios.

LogoNet Premium Mesh is often used to cover up scaffolding and temporary fences, as well as in between fence poles and crowd control barriers. This product is a fantastic option for making the most of the advertising opportunities afforded to businesses by the ample space on construction sites and developments. Many of our clients love it for the simple reason that it helps combat the unappealing visuals of a building site.

Our LogoNet Premium Mesh is available in a variety of different lengths and are also available for purchase individually as LogoNet Fence Panels. While these two products are made of the same material with the same features, you may want to call us to discuss the benefits of choosing fence panels or a complete roll of LogoNet Premium Mesh.

Regardless of which style you choose, the advantages of the product itself are the same. LogoNet Premium Mesh is also known in the industry as fence mesh, fencing mesh or banner mesh and can be used in a number of different, creative ways. As we mentioned, it’s commonly used on constructions sites, but also applied to things like crowd control barriers at music festivals and large-scale events.

This product is widely popular because of its durable nature. The mesh boasts a PVC coated substrate, which means that the inks are always absorbed properly, resulting in a striking print result that our clients are incredibly happy with. This substrate also provides excellent UV protected, which ensures that the inks and print don’t fade when exposed to the elements. These factors make the LogoNet Premium Mesh an ideal choice for your outdoor advertising needs. That being said, it’s also suitable for use indoors, as well as throughout retail spaces, building wraps and various other promotional sign uses.

While it doesn’t provide the same permeable result as printed shade cloth, it’s final print resolution and visual impact is very impressive. If you’re looking for a more affordable option, then LogoNet Standard Mesh might be for you. The main point of difference between these two products is the porosity used, however, it’s worth noting that both options boast an incredible quality and print resolution that you’re bound to be satisfied with.

One of the great benefits of using LogoNet Premium Mesh is that it offers an easy installation process. Our products feature cable ties and metal eyelets that just about anyone can use to install onsite. We’ve crafted this product with durability in mind, and so the mesh also features a Supertuff® seatbelt style webbing which is perfect for large format signage.

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LogoNet Fence Panels

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LogoNet fence panels are one of our most popular products at Mesh Direct. LogoNet is an incredibly diverse and versatile option that can be personalised and optimised to suit every business’ individual needs.

Our fence panels are the perfect addition to temporary fencing around construction areas. They provide businesses the opportunity to utilise effective low-cost advertising while simultaneously covering up the unsightly nature of developments and construction sites. LogoNet  is a very flexible product, that allows for customisation depending on the brand’s aesthetic, the nature of the site or event, and the budget.

Single fence panels can be moved around the site (or from location to location) effortlessly. They’re also ideal for sites that are continually changing and updating – your fence panels can grow alongside your site.

Another great benefit of using LogoNet fence panels for your site is that they’re visually attractive, and provide ample marketing and branding opportunity for your business. This product offers a high quality print resolution, making it ideal for displaying your logo, and advertising your new development. While the print quality is of a fantastic standard, the design of the mesh itself still allows for wind flow through the sign, so it doesn’t put additional pressure on your fencing structure.

LogoNet fence panels are a less-permeable choice than shade cloth, while delivering stunning print results. The PVC substrate ensures that the inks are effectively absorbed while also delivering substantial UV protection so that your print doesn’t fade under the sun’s rays.

Another great advantage of fence panels is that they’re super simple to install. All our fence panels feature cable ties and metal eyelets spaced every 500mm at the top, and every 1000mm at the bottom of your panel. This makes it incredibly easy to DIY assemble and move around if required. Our banners are finished with Supertuff® seatbelt style webbing which has proven to be an extremely long lasting and durable finish, particularly for large format design.

This product is made with large 5 metre printers using a fully UV stabilised printing process to create the highest quality product possible, to last the course of your development and so it can be used again and again.

Create impressive brand recognition with LogoNet fence panels on your construction site.

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Crowd Control Barrier Signs and Banners

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Crowd control barriers (CCB) are often used at events to restrict the movement of spectators but they can also create a significant opportunity for advertising and branding. Crowd control barrier banners or crowd control barrier sleeves are perfect for any event, festival, concert, sporting event, film premiere, marathon or product launch. Events by nature attract spectators and media so crowd control barrier covers have the dual advantages of making the barriers look appealing and also attracting the attention of the general public, i.e. potential customers.

Our crowd control barrier covers come in single sided polyester mesh finished with eyelets. We also supply double sided CCB sleeve where velcro joins at the side allow the sleeve to slip over the fence links and fasten tightly. The single sided CCB banner is made with angled corners to fit inside the rounded corners of the barrier and is attached with cable ties. The installation process takes about 2 minutes per barrier. The double sided crowd control barrier sleeve can be installed in less than 30 seconds simply by slipping the cover over the barrier and fastening the two edges together using the velcro sewn in velcro. Both options are made with lightweight polyester mesh designed to allow wind to flow through the banner.

We use dye sublimation printing to actually dye the design into the mesh which results in fantastic colour representation and crystal clear prints. Polyester mesh is a very lightweight product which makes for very easy transportation, installation, removal and storage. Clients should expect to get numerous uses from their CCB banners.

We provide a full range of grand and not so grand format products to meet our clients needs. We have a great deal of experience in signs for all your event needs and can guide you from concept to completion. Our crowd control barrier covers and banners fit snug onto your crowd control barriers and can be applied to one or both sides which not only provides for a great promotional opportunity but also aids in making your indoor or outdoor event look stunning.

Mesh Direct is equipped to produce small or large orders of crowd control barrier banners and signs and can usually guarantee the delivery of your banners within 14 days from the date of payment confirmation and/or artwork approval. Please contact us and let us know where you are hiring your crowd control barriers from as sizes do vary and we have design templates to suit many national brands.

We are a company that you can trust for your event signage, not only to deliver on time, on budget and on spec, but we also pride ourselves in providing fantastic service – we are always there when you need us.

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Building Wraps

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If you’ve been travelling in recent years, you may have come across building wraps or building skins without even realising it. Particularly in the American and European building industry, building wraps have become more and more common place. This type of product is relatively new, and is a massive development in the way of construction site advertising and displaying a commercial message in a high-traffic area.

Basically, a building wrap is a giant canvas that covers a large portion of a building’s scaffolding and construction site appearance. Loosely, a building wrap covers the entire facade of a building with a replicated version of the building underneath, a nature scene or company branding. This is perfect for when famous landmarks undergo construction or maintenance but the council doesn’t want to spoil the appearance of the city or landscape, or damage their tourism revenue.

It’s an incredibly impressive option for getting your brand, business, or development out into the world, and up on the walls or scaffolding of a large building.

The needs of our previous clients have varied significantly, which means our portfolio and experience with building wraps is vastly diverse. A building wrap can take many forms. For some clients we have replicated the original look of a building to cover up the unsightly aesthetics of a construction project, other times we’ve created striking cityscapes and landscapes, or nature scenes.

Building wraps make great marketing tools

The purpose of a building wrap is that it creates a visually arresting impact, and leaves a memorable impression on its viewer. Here at Mesh Direct, we’ve got over a decade’s worth of experience in the large-scale print format industry, with this coupled with our in-house design skills, your vision can come to life on a massive scale.

Get in touch with us to talk about your dream for your building wrap project. We’ll work with our creative department and printing experts to help take your ideas from brief to masterpiece. No matter the style of building or the in-depth nature of your project, we can work with you to ensure that your development looks its best while it undergoes its facelift.

From building mesh to building wrap, we have you covered

We’ve got everything we need to handle your development from start to finish, including the briefing, designing, installation and the lighting. You can rest assured that your project is in very capable, experienced hands.

As a business owner, you’ll likely know that other forms of advertising and marketing are incredibly expensive, and not always effective in terms of their conversion rates and the impact they have on their target audience. On the other hand, building wraps are very cost-effective and are a memorable investment for business owners. They’re not limited in terms of the material they use or the designs they can feature.

Wraps can be made from vinyl banners and LogoNet (premium and standard), depending on the print resolution required and the elemental factors at play such as wind load and the type of structure or scaffolding it will be attached to

We customise LogoNet and banners based on what you want and the needs of your business.

Give our sales team ll on 0800 109 093 to bring your building wrap concept to reality. We also offer other products such as shade clothes and more and can help you whether you are based in Auckland, Christchurch or Wellington.

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LogoNet Wind Mesh

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If your construction or development site is located in a high wind load area, then our LogoNet Wind Mesh product is for you. This type of wind mesh is designed especially to withstand heavy winds as well as harsh climates.

It’s proven effective and long lasting in a range of different locations and scenarios, and is used for scaffolding, between fence poles and for temporary fencing in general. It’s the perfect advertising opportunity to utilise for your business, and provides a canvas for your logo, business details and/or next development project.

LogoNet Wind Mesh is especially made to withstand heavy wind loads without compromising the structure or scaffolding it’s attached to. It’s also created with harsh climates in mind and its fully UV stabilised process means that it doesn’t fade under strong sunlight. It boasts an open weave and perforated fabric in order to ensure its stability in high wind areas. Because of this design, the print resolution can’t be as high as with other mesh fence options such as the LogoNet Premium Mesh, however it’s ideal for those tricky locations where structures are exposed to the elements for prolonged periods of time.

With a coated substrate, the ink is still very effectively absorbed and still offers a great quality finish. As mentioned previously, the LogoNet Wind Mesh products are completely UV stabilised, which ensures that the wind mesh is durable and always looks its best.

Printed LogoNet Wind Mesh is the ideal solution for those troublesome high wind area construction sites that are expected to experience heavy wind loads and exposure to the elements. Due to its low-cost and versatility, these products are a great, cost-effective option for creating strong brand identity and recognition, as well as fantastic outdoor advertising.

Our expertise and intricate processes enable us to provide our clients with durable and highly detailed products. We’ve got a vast and effective logistics network and are able to produce large orders of LogoNet Wind Mesh and can usually guarantee the delivery of your products within 10 working days from the date of payment confirmation and/or artwork approval.

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Banners and Signs

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At Mesh Direct we specialise in banners and signs and are your one stop shop for all your signage needs. We work with creating mesh banners and printed shade cloth a matter a fact we print on just about any flat surface to enormous proportions.

We pride ourselves on being highly price competitive and as a result we offer the lowest prices in the industry. These prices don’t affect our quality in any way shape or form as we use the highest quality substrates and inks to ensure high quality products.

Here at Mesh Direct we pride ourselves on being flexible to suit our clients needs and as a result our banner mesh and printed shade cloth banners can be made to any size depending on your needs. We offer standard sizing for mesh banners and shade cloth banners that relate to the standard sized temporary fences. We sell banners ranging from 1m² to 200m². You are only limited in size to what you want to attach to your banner.

Our products are specifically designed to be able to withstand the environment and as a result all are fully UV stabilised and are made to be exceptionally durable and long lasting. If looked after properly, the banners will not rip or tear, fade or break. Anti-graffiti finishes are also available on some products to protect against vandalism. With each banner and mesh product you can customise the size, shape, colour, design, finish and attachment method to suit your needs.

At Mesh Direct all of our printed banners or PVC banners can be dual sided and are ideal for both indoor and outdoor conditions and they are weather resistant. They are made with reinforced eyelets as standard although keder rope track is also available.

Our range of products are all very versatile and as a result we have made banners and signs for just about any type of occasion or reason, from simply advertising a product or service to sporting events, school fetes, markets, events, community festivals, music festivals, and church messages.

The building industry is one of our biggest clients and as a result our most popular banners are made from banner mesh and are often referred to as builders mesh banners, scaffold banners. We use a permeable mesh material to allow for easy wind passage.

MESH BANNERS can be printed on different grade banner mesh depending on our client’s budget and potential wind loads on temporary fencing. Either way our banner mesh signs are printed with UV stabilised substrate and inks to ensure longevity. Mesh banners are ideal for temporary perimeter fences around building sites or events because of the lighter wind loads created by using a porous material.


Whatever type of banner or sign you need, or even if you are unsure on what you need, don’t be afraid to speak to our experts about the best material for your application. We have a wealth of experience in design and banner installation and can guide you through the process of creating truly memorable advertising.

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LogoNet Standard Mesh

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If you’re looking for our mid-range product, then LogoNet Standard Banner mesh is for you. This product provides fantastic structure and print resolution, while erring on the lower side of the price range.

While LogoNet Standard Mesh doesn’t offer the same elegance and print resolution of our LogoNet Premium Mesh, it’s still an excellent option for those looking to add cost-effective advertising and branding to their construction site or development. This mesh is available in a variety of different lengths and is 1.6 metres high. LogoNet Standard Mesh is easily cut to size on your site, and is very malleable.

There are a number of distinctive differences between our LogoNet Standard Mesh and our LogoNet Premium Mesh. Standard Mesh offers 9 threads per inch, while our Premium Mesh boasts 12 threads per inch. Due to its lower thread count, the LogoNet Standard is actually more suited to high wind areas because there’s less wind drag. However, the lower threads per inch means that the print reproduction isn’t as sharp as it is with the premium product.

LogoNet Standard Mesh also features a welded banner tape finish rather than Supertuff seatbelt style webbing. It’s incredibly simple to install with the use of cable ties and metal eyelets. The metal eyelets are spaced every 500mm at the top and every 1000mm at the bottom of the mesh

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly outdoor branding and advertising tool, LogoNet Standard Mesh is the solution for you. All of our LogoNet products are completely UV stabilised during the printing process. For this process we use massive 5 metre printers to ensure the highest quality products for our clients. Our printers are the leaders in our field, and as a result, no job is too large for us here at Mesh Direct, we’ve provided hundreds of kilometres of branded LogoNet Standard Mesh to a range of different clients with different needs and projects.

We pride ourselves on our impressive logistics network and our ability to produce massive orders of mesh on time, every time. Over the years, we’ve mastered our craft and are now able to usually guarantee delivery of your LogoNet mesh within just ten days of payment confirmation and approval of artwork.

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Construction Signage

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Technical Information

The construction industry in the last decade has caught up with the modern world of advertising and marketing. As a result here at Mesh Direct we have had to become experts in knowing the needs and wants in the building and construction industry. Most of our clientele is derived from this industry and they all stress the importance of the need for us to find ways for them to promote, gain brand awareness and differentiate themselves from their competitors. In simple terms it is now a necessity to advertise your business or you’ll be left looking at the back of your competitors and what better way to achieve this than with great construction signage.

Construction signage is the perfect marketing tool to differentiate yourself and ensure your brand gets noticed. Our signage options are suited to many subsections of the construction industry including refurbishment, redevelopment, general building along with many more. At Mesh Direct we stress quality and as a result we use the latest technology while also using the highest quality inks and substrates. This combination all culminates into a stunning finish that combats against fading and other damage.

We hold an extensive range of grand format printed banners because we know that all construction and building sites are all unique in their own way and all hold their own sizing and general issues. Our arsenal of  banner mesh are all designed to be flexible and should suit most if not all construction and subdivision applicants.

With us design is not an issue, if your brand doesn’t have an artwork designed for a banner or simply hasn’t developed a logo do not stress. Here at Mesh Direct we hold our own in-house design team that are more than happy to co-operate with you to create and aesthetically pleasing and captivating final result. Another great advantage is that we are perhaps the best priced format signage supplier in Australia and this great cost-effectiveness coupled with our great service make your job as simple as possible.

We can produce everything from printed perimeter fencing, fence signage, printed shade cloth, mesh signage, shade cloth fencing, mesh cloth, printed debris protection, silt screen, large corflute signage, temporary fence banners, safety signs, project boards and pretty much any application in construction and development.

Size is not an issue as we have completed projects on both sides of the spectrum, from small corflute signage to large and elaborate building wraps and skins. On a yearly basis we offload hundreds and hundreds of kilometres of shade cloth and banner mesh, as a result due to incredibly large amounts of production we are able to keep the prices low for our clients.

The great thing about Mesh Direct is that we leave no stone unturned, we deliver to every state and territory in Australia. All of our construction signage  banner mesh is printed and created right here in Australia and are delivered nationwide by our courier delivery service right to your worksite or doorstep.


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