If you’ve been travelling in recent years, you may have come across building wraps or building skins without even realising it. Particularly in the American and European building industry, building wraps have become more and more common place. This type of product is relatively new, and is a massive development in the way of construction site advertising and displaying a commercial message in a high-traffic area.

Basically, a building wrap is a giant canvas that covers a large portion of a building’s scaffolding and construction site appearance. Loosely, a building wrap covers the entire facade of a building with a replicated version of the building underneath, a nature scene or company branding. This is perfect for when famous landmarks undergo construction or maintenance but the council doesn’t want to spoil the appearance of the city or landscape, or damage their tourism revenue.

It’s an incredibly impressive option for getting your brand, business, or development out into the world, and up on the walls or scaffolding of a large building.

The needs of our previous clients have varied significantly, which means our portfolio and experience with building wraps is vastly diverse. A building wrap can take many forms. For some clients we have replicated the original look of a building to cover up the unsightly aesthetics of a construction project, other times we’ve created striking cityscapes and landscapes, or nature scenes.

Building wraps make great marketing tools

The purpose of a building wrap is that it creates a visually arresting impact, and leaves a memorable impression on its viewer. Here at Mesh Direct, we’ve got over a decade’s worth of experience in the large-scale print format industry, with this coupled with our in-house design skills, your vision can come to life on a massive scale.

Get in touch with us to talk about your dream for your building wrap project. We’ll work with our creative department and printing experts to help take your ideas from brief to masterpiece. No matter the style of building or the in-depth nature of your project, we can work with you to ensure that your development looks its best while it undergoes its facelift.

From building mesh to building wrap, we have you covered

We’ve got everything we need to handle your development from start to finish, including the briefing, designing, installation and the lighting. You can rest assured that your project is in very capable, experienced hands.

As a business owner, you’ll likely know that other forms of advertising and marketing are incredibly expensive, and not always effective in terms of their conversion rates and the impact they have on their target audience. On the other hand, building wraps are very cost-effective and are a memorable investment for business owners. They’re not limited in terms of the material they use or the designs they can feature.

Wraps can be made from vinyl banners and LogoNet (premium and standard), depending on the print resolution required and the elemental factors at play such as wind load and the type of structure or scaffolding it will be attached to

We customise LogoNet and banners based on what you want and the needs of your business.

Give our sales team ll on 0800 109 093 to bring your building wrap concept to reality. We also offer other products such as shade clothes and more and can help you whether you are based in Auckland, Christchurch or Wellington.

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