LogoNet fence panels are one of our most popular products at Mesh Direct. LogoNet is an incredibly diverse and versatile option that can be personalised and optimised to suit every business’ individual needs.

Our fence panels are the perfect addition to temporary fencing around construction areas. They provide businesses the opportunity to utilise effective low-cost advertising while simultaneously covering up the unsightly nature of developments and construction sites. LogoNet  is a very flexible product, that allows for customisation depending on the brand’s aesthetic, the nature of the site or event, and the budget.

Single fence panels can be moved around the site (or from location to location) effortlessly. They’re also ideal for sites that are continually changing and updating – your fence panels can grow alongside your site.

Another great benefit of using LogoNet fence panels for your site is that they’re visually attractive, and provide ample marketing and branding opportunity for your business. This product offers a high quality print resolution, making it ideal for displaying your logo, and advertising your new development. While the print quality is of a fantastic standard, the design of the mesh itself still allows for wind flow through the sign, so it doesn’t put additional pressure on your fencing structure.

LogoNet fence panels are a less-permeable choice than shade cloth, while delivering stunning print results. The PVC substrate ensures that the inks are effectively absorbed while also delivering substantial UV protection so that your print doesn’t fade under the sun’s rays.

Another great advantage of fence panels is that they’re super simple to install. All our fence panels feature cable ties and metal eyelets spaced every 500mm at the top, and every 1000mm at the bottom of your panel. This makes it incredibly easy to DIY assemble and move around if required. Our banners are finished with Supertuff® seatbelt style webbing which has proven to be an extremely long lasting and durable finish, particularly for large format design.

This product is made with large 5 metre printers using a fully UV stabilised printing process to create the highest quality product possible, to last the course of your development and so it can be used again and again.

Create impressive brand recognition with LogoNet fence panels on your construction site.

  • Printed using UV stablised inks
  • Varying densities available
  • PVC coated polyester
  • Nylon seatbelt Supertuff edging
  • Very high print reproduction
  • 270 GSM as standard but varying weight available
  • One year UV warranty (subject to proper installation)
  • Meets all building codes and bylaws
  • Fire resistant available
  • Alloy eyelets every 500mm

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