Mesh Direct: Best Signage in Sydney

  • Date11 January 2022
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Sydney is one of Australia's great cities (the greatest?), and we think it's a gorgeous place brimming over with vitality, diversity, and fun. Over the years we've been able to work on many projects in Sydney, and we're very conscious of working on a unique and beautiful canvas. We're careful to design signs that enhance and feel part of the urban landscape, and to engineer our installs in such a way as to create a minimum of disruption and eye-sores. 

It's always a privilege to be able to add to Sydney's unique cityscape, so as the year draws to a close, it's fun to look back on some of our coolest Sydney signage solutions. Here's a round-up of some of our favourite signage projects around Sydney!

Sydney Town Hall

We're starting strong - it's not every day you get to design a building wrap for Sydney Town Hall! While undertaking extensive refurbishments in October 2020, City of Sydney reached out to Mesh Direct to design and print the perfect wrap, to keep the works under wraps. The artwork was uniquely complex, and getting it to line up across multiple panels, and line up seamlessly with the building itself, was a challenge and a half. The size also provided a few challenges, and we got creative to make sure it could withstand high winds. Using our fire-rated mesh with many anchoring points meant we could install it seamlessly and durably, all the while guaranteeing a fantastic print finish. 

Ngaarr City of Sydney Graphics Project

This exciting Elizabeth Street development by Alessi Design and Build, in January 2020, was the first time we had the privilege of designing hoarding with Lucy Simpson's stunning Ngaarr print. The project itself was stimulating and challenging, featuring one of the busiest streets in Sydney, stringent council requirements, and massive 3 metres high A and B class hoardings. PVC vinyl with keder edging ensured vibrant print quality and high durability in urban zones, while Lucy's print guaranteed timeless, yet poignant cultural relevance and design. 

King's Cross Historical Hoarding Banners

When renovations were undertaken at the King's Cross public toilets, in late 2019, Mesh Direct ensured the public still had something gorgeous and relevant to look at! We measured up our vinyl banners to cover the hoarding with stunning images of the King's Cross area as it once was. Vinyl is a highly durable substrate perfect for high-traffic urban zones, and it provides an unbeatable print quality. Refurbishment doesn't mean the city has to compromise on looks!  

LEGO Star Wars

One of the Westfield Shopping Centres in Sydney was chosen as the venue to celebrate 20 years of LEGO Star Wars, on May 4rth 2019. The event itself was designed and hosted by Art vs Commerce, a renowned experiential and exhibition design company that specialises in immersive and impactful events. This was no exception! They created a giant lego box for children to unwrap during the world's largest LEGO unboxing ever - and they asked us to create the wrapping paper! 

Thinking outside the box, we used a specially designed adhesive paper print that was thick enough to block out the graphics on the box itself, strong enough to adhere to itself without breaking, and thin enough to be easily ripped up by children. And for a little extra fun, we added a huge custom-built red fabric bow! 

Watch the video here to check out the largest LEGO X-wing ever. 

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