Banner Mesh Fence Panels

Offering versatile high impact design, fence panels have the flexibility to be moved quickly and easily in answer to the changing needs of any construction site.

Mesh Fence Signs
Banner Mesh Fence Panels
01 Product usage

This product is ideal for temporary fencing on construction sites as they provide an extraordinary amount of flexibility. Individual fence panels can be easily moved from site to site or be shifted around as the site grows and changes.Ideal for:

  • temporary fences on building and construction sites
  • temp fence panels
  • signage on development sites
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Combine multiple panels to create longer signs, and move panels around individually to adapt to your site shape and avoid obstructions.

    Technical info
    Suitability for High Winds
    Print Quality
    Print quality and durability guarantee

    High print reproduction

    This stunning cloth-based banner mesh fence panel allows you to print eye-catching designs. The PVC coating makes your design fully waterproof and UV stabilised inks offer fade-resistance for at least 12 months.

    Easy Signage Installation

    Easy installation

    The banner mesh is simple to install onto fence panels using cable ties through the rust-free metal eyelets. The eyelets are spaced every 500mm along the top of the mesh and 1000mm at the bottom, ensuring your mesh is secured tightly to provide strength and help your brand stand out when it counts most.

    Signage Suitable for windy conditions

    Ideal for windy areas

    Our banner mesh has great wind-through properties, allowing banner mesh fence panels to stand up to even the harshest windy weather.

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    Fire retardant

    Minimising risk on any site is extremely important, therefore our premium banner mesh is flame retardant to reduce the risk of spreading fire.

    Meets Australian building standards

    Meets building standards

    All our products meet the required standards.

    100% Carbon Neutral Signage

    We are committed to a more sustainable future. This is why we are proud to be a 100% carbon neutral signage company. We've partnered with Carbon Neutral to offset every single signage purchase at no extra cost to you.


    Banner Mesh Fence Panels

    To help you make the most informed decision, here are common questions customers ask us. More questions?

    We offer a wide range of fence banner mesh such as custom printed banner mesh, wind mesh, polyester mesh, printed shade cloth, fencing scrim, anti-gawk screens, construction fence scrim, nature screens and event mesh. We also offer banner mesh panels in both flame-retardant fence banner mesh and non-fire retardant fence banner mesh.


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    Fence banner mesh is often used for temporary fences on building and construction sites, temporary fence panels, signage on development sites, events & festivals, sporting events, retail sites, community and school locations, large-scale events, industrial sites, government and infrastructure projects.

    Fencing banners can be customised to suit your fence – any size you need. We have standard fence panels available in the below sizes: 


    • Single fence banner mesh panels (2.4m x 1.6m)
    • Double Panels fence banner mesh (4.8m x 1.6m)
    • Triple panels fence banner mesh (7.2m 1.6m) 
    • 50m rolls at either 1.6m or 1.8m high

    Still not sure which one is the right fit for you? Submit your enquiry here or talk to one of our experts today on 0800 627 044.

    Fence banner mesh is super simple to install onto a temporary fence by threading cable ties through the rust-free metal eyelets and pulling to the perfect tension. The eyelets are spaced every 500mm along the top of the mesh and 1000mm at the bottom, ensuring your mesh is secured tightly to the fence with the perfect tension for a super smooth installation. Incredibly easy to remove your fence banner mesh when it is ready to move to a new site, simply cut the cable ties and roll the fence banner mesh up for easy transportation to the next site.

    Banner mesh can be the ideal signage solution for windy sites, allowing the fence panels to stand up to even the harshest winds. Wind slits can also be requested or even cut yourself to allow the maximum amount of wind in. We also recommend that you properly brace your face to ensure the fence itself doesn’t fall over in high winds. Chat to our team about your site and we can recommend the best solution to suit your application – 0800 627 044.

    Installing fence banner mesh couldn’t be easier, our banner mesh comes with rust-free metal eyelets every 500mm on the top and every 1000mm on the bottom for where you can simply use cable ties to attach your banner mesh to the fence.

    We pride ourselves on high-quality products, therefore we offer a 2-year warranty on banner mesh products, as long as they are handled, installed, and used correctly.

    Banner mesh is super easy to install with eyelets every 500mm on the top and every 1000m on the bottom. Rust-free, metal eyelets make it simple to thread cable ties through to attach to the fence. If you need assistance with your fence banner mesh installation, we have expert teams in all metro areas across the country. Simply get in touch with the team and we will organise a quote for you.

    Yes! Mesh Direct has various densities of banner mesh that is certified as flame retardant. Available in Economy, Standard or Premium Banner Mesh, there is sure to be a banner mesh to suit your needs. Chat to our team about your next signage project on 0800 627 044

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