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CCB’s serve an important functional purpose whilst provide a fantastic branding opportunity.

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Custom printed event crowd control barriers
01 Product usage

CCB’s restrict the movement of spectators and delineate out of bounds areas, organise the direction of foot traffic and help form orderly queues at the bar. Ideal for:

  • Short-term use
  • Festivals
  • Events (such as concerts, sporting events, film premiers and marathons)
  • Urban areas
  • Construction site signage
02 Product Benefits

Crowd control barriers (CCBs) are often used at events to act as a physical barrier.

    Technical info
    Suitability for High Winds
    Print Quality
    Signage Suitable for windy conditions

    Lightweight & wind resistant.

    Made with lightweight polyester mesh, designed to allow wind to flow through the banner.

    Print quality and durability guarantee

    Quality print.

    This substrate provides a good quality print surface, helping to ensure your event signage lives up to the day.

    Ideal for windy areas

    Custom me.

    Fully customisable size, shape and print. We print to size, ensuring the banner is the perfect fit for your CCBs.

    Easy Signage Installation

    Easy installation

    Easy to install, easy to remove and easy to store. Attached with eyelets and cable ties for single-sided CCB covers or velcro for double-sided. It’s as simple as that!

    Meets Australian building standards

    Easy on the back pocket.

    It’s highly cost-effective and, best of all, it can be used again and again.

    100% Carbon Neutral Signage

    We are committed to a more sustainable future. This is why we are proud to be a 100% carbon neutral signage company. We've partnered with Carbon Neutral to offset every single signage purchase at no extra cost to you.


    Crowd Control Barrier Signs and Banners

    To help you make the most informed decision, here are common questions customers ask us. More questions?

    At Mesh Direct, all crowd control barrier banners are fully customisable. You can customise the size, shape or print of the crowd control barrier banners. The most popular size for crowd control banners is 2.5m x 0.9m, however, we can print any size to suit your barriers perfectly. We have various substrate options available depending on the desired print quality, single sided vs double sided and application. Choose from solid polymesh, traditional polymesh, stretch fabric or banner mesh for your next crowd control banner project. 

    Crowd control barriers (CCB’s) help organise the crowd when there are events and they assist to restrict the movement and direct foot traffic. Crowd control barriers are often used at events, festivals, concerts, sporting events, film premieres, marathons, and even on construction sites. CCB’s also provide fantastic branding opportunities. Mesh Direct offers fully customised crowd control banners with high quality print reproduction. Chat to our team about your next crowd control barrier banners project on 0800 627 044.

    Crowd control banners are a fantastic branding opportunity that are used to cover traditional crowd control barriers and are a great way to promote your brand, event or project.

    Crowd control banners are available in a variety of substrates to suit your application, desired print result and also available in a single sided or double sided option to suit your needs. Crowd control barriers are the perfect blank canvas to promote your event, use as wayfinding signage or directional signage.

    Crowd control barrier banners are super easy and fast to install. If you have chosen double sided crowd control banners, you simply slip them over the crowd control barrier and secure with the velcro fastners. For polymesh and banner mesh crowd control banners, you can simply attach with reusable toggles for a sustainable approach or with traditional cable ties. Crowd control banners are super easy to install and just as easy to remove for a very quick bump in and bump out – perfect for events.

    Apart from helping organise the crowd traffic, crowd control barriers banners create a great brand impression directly to your event attendees. With our crowd control barriers banners, you can customise the size, shape or print to suit your brand. Chat to our team today about your next crowd control barriers banners project on 0800 627 044.

    Mesh Direct offers different types of crowd control barrier banners depending on your needs and application. 

    • Polymesh crowd control banners are a great lightweight option and provide a high print quality solution perfect for events. Polymesh banners can fade and usually last about 3 months before the vivid print starts to show signs of wear. Banner mesh crowd control banners provide a great long-term banner solution with high print reproduction and durability that will outlast your events. Banner mesh is made for the harsh Australian environment and usually lasts about 2 years before signs of wear appear if installed and stored correctly. 


    Get in touch with our team today to discuss your next signage project on 0800 627 044.

    Mesh Direct offer a variety  of crowd control barriers banner substrates; solid polymesh, stretch polymesh, traditional polymesh and banner mesh. All substrates have high quality print reproduction and are the perfect canvas to showcase your brand, project or event when it counts most..

    Mesh Direct love to help bring your signage ideas to life. We offer fully customised crowd control barriers banners, you can customise the shape, size or print for your banners. Chat to our team about your next project on 0800 627 044.

    Our crowd control barriers banners are fully customised! You can choose the size, shape and print of your banners. Our most popular size requested for crowd control barrier banners is 2.5m x 0.9m, however, we are able to provide any size you require. Submit your enquiry here or talk to one of our experts today on 0800 627 044

    All of our crowd control barrier banners are weather resistant so are perfect for either indoor or outdoor events. They provide a cost-effect solution to cover crowd control barriers to promote your brand, event or project. Crowd control barrier banners are lightweight, durable and weather resistant and are the perfect event signage solution. 


    Chat to our team about your site and we can recommend the best solution to suit your application – 0800 627 044.

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