Scrim Banners

70% density Scrim banners are the perfect cost-effective signage solution for construction sites of any size that need protection & visibility.

Shade Cloth Fence Signs and Banners
Cooper Construction scrim mesh banners
01 Product Usage

Scrim banners can be used for a diverse range of projects, including:

  • Construction and development sites
  • Scaffold branding
  • Events
  • Festivals
  • Retail sites
  • Community and school projects
  • Building sites
  • Government and infrastructure projects
02 Product Benefits

Available in lengths of 50m rolls and made from 180gsm knitted monofilament polythene, scrim banners are suited for short to mid-term applications providing a cost-effective signage solution.

Scrim banners have an open-weave which allows for wind flow & is a suitable medium to print your company logo.

    Print quality and durability guarantee


    Scrim banners are an effective budget-friendly solution for projects which require large runs of fencing.

    Signage Suitable for windy conditions

    Ideal for windy areas

    The open weave allows for large wind loads to pass, enabling large runs of cloth to be installed almost anywhere without applying pressure to the attached structure.

    Easy Signage Installation

    Easy installation

    Eyelets at the top and bottom of the scirm allow for easy installation using cable ties or clips to fencing, scaffolding or building facades.

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    Good print reproduction

    Our scrim is 70% density to ensure the colour quality and font clarity is optimal. In addition, UV stabilised inks are used to ensure prints remain vibrant for a minimum of 12 months

    Meets Australian building standards

    Meets building standards

    All our products meet building standards and laws.

    100% Carbon Neutral Signage

    We are committed to a more sustainable future. This is why we are proud to be a 100% carbon neutral signage company. We've partnered with Carbon Neutral to offset every single signage purchase at no extra cost to you.

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