Event Backdrops

Create a professional backdrop for your media event, tradeshow or conference that will promote your brand & sponsors with ease.

Media Wall
Media Wall for Melbourne Cup by Mesh Direct
01 Product usage

Event backdrops are an effective marketing tool which can enhance your event theme & promote brands with ease. Commonly used for:

  • Promotional events
  • Conferences & fundraising events
  • Festivals & Music events
  • Product launches
  • Theatre & gala events
  • Sporting events
  • Premiers
  • Church, school and community events.
02 Product Benefits

Events backdrops are a versatile, affordable and polished solution to create an eye-catching feature at an event. Essential for events looking to promote their brands and sponsors in a professional manner, event backdrops can promote your brand without detracting from the event itself.

    Technical info
    Suitability for High Winds
    Print Quality
    Easy Signage Installation

    Easy installation

    Event backdrops require no specialised training, skills or tools to install. Assemble in less than a minute by any member of your team.

    Ideal for windy areas


    Event backdrops are designs to be portable and suitable for a variety of settings. Packable into a carry bag, event backdrops can be transported with ease before or after an event.

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    The artwork skin of event backdrops can be removed and replaced with ease which means they can be used time and time again for a variety of different events without needing to replace the whole unit.

    Print quality and durability guarantee

    High print reproduction

    High print reproduction means that your event backdrop will make an impressive statement. Suitable for logos, large scale photos or intricate designs, event backdrops are printed on an anti-glare finish perfect for photographers.

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    Meets building standards

    All our products meet building standards and laws.

    100% Carbon Neutral Signage

    We are committed to a more sustainable future. This is why we are proud to be a 100% carbon neutral signage company. We've partnered with Carbon Neutral to offset every single signage purchase at no extra cost to you.

    Event Backdop FAQs

    Please check out our Frequently Asked Questions here.

    An event backdrop is a large, printed banner or display used as a backdrop for events. It can enhance your event by providing a visually appealing background, creating brand recognition, and serving as a focal point for photos and presentations.

    Event backdrop sizes can vary, and the choice of size often depends on the available space and the specific event requirements. We have six sizes available:

    • 1.5m x 2.2m
    • 2m x 2.2m (popular)
    • 2.4m x 2.2m
    • 3m x 2.2m (popular)
    • 4m x 2.2m (popular)
    • 6m x 2.2m


    To order a custom event backdrop with your logo or design, you can contact Mesh Direct and provide your artwork or design specifications. Our team will work with you to create a personalised backdrop that meets your branding and event needs.

    Yes, we provide event backdrop stands or frames for easy setup and display. These stands are designed to be user-friendly, and assembly instructions are included. Our goal is to make the setup process as hassle-free as possible for your event.

    Certainly! To get a quote for custom backdrops for your event, please reach out to Mesh Direct with the details of your project, including size, quantity, and design specifications. We’ll be happy to provide you with a competitive quote tailored to your needs.

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