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Real estate agencies and large property developers are some of our most common clients here at Mesh Direct. We’ve been a leading choice in this industry for many years now, with over ten years experience with grand format printing and design. Real estate agents and developers love our reliability and the flawless nature of our products that do their brands justice.

We’ve become known for our epic service and project management, as well as our incredibly affordable and competitive pricing on our range of real estate signage solutions.

Whether your property needs banner mesh, temporary fencing mesh or printed shade cloth we’ve got you covered. Your brand and business are in safe hands when it comes to Mesh Direct’s products and services.

Real estate signage is a major part of attracting the right buyers, so you want to make sure your signage represents you, your brand and the products you sell confidently and accurately. For years now, we’ve worked with a diverse portfolio of large development projects, both for local and national real estate agents in Wellington, Hamilton, Christchurch, Auckland, Dunedin and Tauranga, and have supplied locations all over the country with our products. We’ve advised countless agents nationwide on the best options for their projects, and what print solutions will work best for them.

On numerous occasions developers and agents have utilised our in-house design team in order to guarantee that their branding and artworks are at premium quality before printing. Our team does their best work to make sure that all logos, branding and artwork represent the business perfectly, as well as create eye-catching traction from a signage perspective. The designers at Mesh Direct help take your concept from brief to outstanding reality.

Over the years, we’ve built long lasting relationships with developers and real estate agents all over the country. From creative agencies to contractors and real estate agencies, we’ve worked with them all and have provided a variety of grand format printing solutions.

If your real estate is in need of branded signage, or perhaps you’re after a unique and highly effective advertising opportunity, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here, or simply give us a call on 0800 109 093.


Many development projects involve large sites.  Shade cloth offers dust and debris protection as well privacy . Also referred to as scrim, fence fabric, scaffold mesh or fence mesh it is a durable material which can be reused. We offer our custom printed shade cloth in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and all other areas of Australia direct to business customers.


We offer both standard and premium printed fencing mesh for our government clients. Banner mesh perforated material offers exceptional visual impact on development projects. Also known as mesh banner, fence mesh, printed shade mesh or PVC coated mesh it produces a superior finish and is finished with eyelets.


From local, state and federal governments at times all have need for banners and signs of all shapes and sizes. We are the experts on assisting people to chose the right product for the right application to create maximum impact.  With our nation wide capabilities we are able to assist real estate agents all over New Zealand.


Let Mesh Direct give the public a glimpse of what is to come by wrapping the building in an artists impression.

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