How to Find High Quality Printed Banners

  • Date29 June 2016
  • Reading time 2 mins read

We all want the highest quality signage and banner products and all printed banner companies wants to be your one stop shop for all your signage needs. With the newly developed corporate world where marketing and selling products has become such a focus point, how do you see through all the marketing jargon and seek the best product and the most suitable price. The answer is research.

Shop Around: Research

Type in any key words such as printed banners, mesh banners, banner mesh, printed shade cloth etc. into google and you’ll get a thousand different links and options. At a minimum it is essential to visit at least 3 different companies websites, each will have photographic examples of their products, product descriptions and quotes. Compare, contrast, analyse, be thorough in your research and seek out of the best signage and banner based on these descriptions. Go on social media, visit Facebook and Instagram pages, observe the public image and the ratings they receive on their social media pages.

Be Careful: Pricing

Don’t be naive, we want the best and lowest price available for our signage and banner options but at the same time we don’t want this to fly in the face of quality. Remember quality is everything, don’t be fooled by the word ‘cheap’ which is thrown around foolishly be many suppliers. Get more than one quote from a number of suppliers to best decipher price for quality.

Don’t be afraid to ask: Product Samples

The great thing about the competition in the market is the creation of an intense relationship between you as customer and the supplier. This meaning that suppliers are more than willing to work very closely with you and send out samples of a wide range of banners and signage products that you are interested in. This will allow you to further compare, contrast and analyse the product to allow you to gain the highest printed banner substrate quality and the best print resolution that you desire.

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