Green Leaves

  • Date19 November 2019
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We work on a range of projects that span the construction industry to festivals, and even small businesses to help bring their marketing ideas to life with our signage. Whether our clients need to stand out branding solutions or to advertise an upcoming opening for their business, we are often consulted time and again. We have worked on numerous projects nationwide with Green Leaves, helping to bring their marketing visions to life with our premium banner mesh.

Green Leaves is an organisation that aims to build and operate the most innovative and environmentally friendly early learning centres across Australia. Our relationship with Green Leaves began in 2015 when they were looking for a supplier to provide branded banner mesh for their building sites. After we considered the scale and requirements of this project, we knew that our premium banner mesh would suit Green Leaves’ brief and provide a stand out branding result. Our premium banner mesh has a high print reproduction and is UV resistant, meaning that it is able to withstand the harsh Australian climate for the duration of the project. The simple messaging printed on Green Leaves’ banner was ‘Coming Soon’ to entice and attract early registrations for the upcoming early learning centre, accompanied by the relevant contact details. The banner mesh is incredibly cost-effective for this type of branding and especially placed where construction is occurring enabled any passerby to be aware of the upcoming development.

Each Green Leaves early learning centre has its own artwork based on a central theme, and the contact details just change depending on the location. The designs we print on our premium banner mesh have been set up in 10-metre sections. This serves a few purposes. Firstly, it mitigates the wind strains on the mesh by making it a smaller “sail”. Secondly, it allows Green Leaves to change the message, whilst retaining some generic signage, which reduces the costs of reprinting the entire boundary fencing.

Green Leaves always rely on Mesh Direct for their pre-launch on-site marketing:

“Mesh is one of the first marketing tactics we have when opening a centre, it’s what gives us a strong indication of how occupancy will track. With just mesh signage alone, we have managed to fill over 10 of our centres without having to pay a cent in marketing. It’s a great way to send a message to the community about what’s to come and being able to add our contact details on it is what really makes the difference for us. We wouldn’t open a centre without mesh! We really value our relationship with Mesh Direct and their ability to work with us to meet our goals and deadlines” – Brittany Swanson, Marketing Manager.

We still have a great working relationship with Green Leaves and provide them with signage solutions to attract registrations for their early learning centres. We have created signage for 14 projects and counting with Green Leaves and we are always eager to help with their marketing vision. Our quality and quick turnaround has worked well for Green Leaves, as well as our ability to provide nationwide delivery.

If you would like more information about our signage solutions or how you can leverage branding opportunities with our signage, contact us on 1300 368 978 today.

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