Darwin Festival 2021

  • Date15 November 2021
  • Reading time 2 mins read

Mesh Direct are overjoyed that the festival was able to go ahead this year and super excited to have provided our Crowd Control Barrier covers and banner mesh to make the experience even better for everyone. We're so proud of what the team was able to pull together. We always love being part of such a great community, and we're looking forward to next year!

Despite lockdowns, border closures, strict restrictions, and a global pandemic, Australia's hottest winter festival was full steam ahead in August. Beloved annual art and music festival celebrating the energy, beauty, and vitality of Darwin and the Northern Territory, there were fears this year's festivities would have to be cancelled. However, 35 000 people flocked to Festival Park to support the artists and organisers this year, demonstrating everyone's commitment and dedication to culture, celebration, and fun. 

 The Challenge

The Darwin Festival organisers reached out to us for a quote with plenty of lead time. However, the uncertainties linked to lockdowns, border closures, and restrictions mean that the project was approved and briefed with a very tight turnaround for execution. The whole project, from travel, logistics, installation, and clean-up took place within the shortest of timeframes, but the whole team stepped up to deliver our usual quality in the blink of an eye!

The Product

When it comes to Crowd Control, only the best (and prettiest) will do. That's why we chose to use our Mesh and Polyester Stretch banners for the barriers: they have great reproduction quality, and are able to withstand both the weather and excitable throngs of party-goers. 

The Result

The festival itself was a roaring success, as it always is, and we like to think our banners played an active part. The gorgeous graphics blend right in with the vibe and atmosphere of the festival, perfectly combining form and function to be both practical and aesthetic. Bring on next year! 


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