CBRE and GPT: Vinyl Container Wraps

  • Date27 December 2021
  • Reading time 2 mins read

When two of the biggest developers in Australia say jump, we ask how high! CBRE, one of Australia's leaders in real estate services, and the GPT Group, which owns and manages a huge portfolio of Australian office, logistics, and retail assets, got creative when they reached out to Mesh Direct for unique and tailored Vinyl Container Wraps signage solutions. It's always an honour to collaborate with giants in the industry, but also with companies that have helped Australian cities grow and develop. They usually have an edge over the competition that stems from bravery and creativity - and they didn't disappoint! CBRE and the GPT Group were after unique signage which stands out in industrial-type developments, so we put our brains together and had a good think...

The Product

We've got a whole arsenal of creative signage solutions for the construction industry, so it wasn't hard to find the best signage for CBRE and the GPT Group. When we came up with the idea of containers wraps, they thought it was perfect! 

We chose a vinyl container wrap with keder edging, all in a sleek black shade. Vinyl is highly durable and weather resistant, so it's perfect for exposed industrial sites. The keder edging adds protection against urban vandalism or other construction-site hazards, so the clients can enjoy total peace of mind.

Vinyl Container Wraps

The Result

The clients are delighted, and with good reason! The wraps look sleek and professional, inviting trust and confidence. They also stand out against the colours and chaos of development sites! We're so pleased with this result, and it's a great example of a 'different' type of signage that can really boost exposure.  

Vinyl Container Wraps


Learn more about container wrap here or get in touch with our signage expert on 1300 368 978

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