Mesh Banners: Cost, Quality And Durability To Suit You

  • Date01 February 2017
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The introduction of mesh banners to the advertising and marketing world has taken the construction industry by storm. For builders and smaller businesses, mesh banners have allowed them to advertise and promote their brand like never before. Not only is it an effective marketing solution but it also helps make extensive construction sites more visually appealing, meaning that suburbs undergoing a lot of construction aren't such an eyesore anymore.

You can read more about the benefits of using banner mesh for your construction business here. However, how do you make the right choices when it comes to cost, quality and durability?

Mesh Banner Costs

Understandably, everyone is working to a specific budget, whether you're a sole trader or a business owner. If you're looking for the most affordable option, the best choice would be shade cloth, which is sometimes referred to as 'scrim'.

This is usually sold in large rolls, and is perfect for covering lengthy fences. This means you're also getting a lot of advertising space for a cheap price.

Unfortunately, the print quality of shade cloth isn't as vivid and sharp as premium mesh banners. There are advantages and disadvantages to any outdoor media product, and while shade cloth is the most affordable option, it looks much better from long distance than close up.

Depending on your print needs and budget, you may find that premium banner mesh may be a more suitable option.

Mesh Fence Quality

For some businesses, quality of print may be more of a priority when it comes to fence mesh. In this case, the best option is premium banner mesh. The PVC coated substrate ensures that the ink is very well absorbed and provides great UV protection. It's a less permeable option than shade cloth and delivers a stunning print result whilst still allowing for wind flow through the sign.

Standard banner mesh is a less vibrant substrate than the premium banner mesh and as a result is cheaper in price. The main difference between the two is the porosity used, however, both premium and standard deliver fantastic quality and print reproduction.

These fence mesh options are great for advertising banner signs for outdoors, indoors, windows, and retail space, building hanging mesh banners and other business promotion sign alternatives.

Banner Mesh Durability

The life of a construction site can vary anywhere between a few days to weeks turning into years. Because of these variables, mesh banner is designed to be especially long lasting. The longest living product in the mesh banner arsenal is the premium banner mesh product which is fitted with a PVC substrate. This generally holds a lifespan of 3-4 years.

It also has the versatility to be shifted from site to site it, so can be used time and time again, ensuring the user gets the most value for their money. These mesh fences are made using a fully UV stabilised printing process through large 5 metre printers, which enables long lasting, highly detailed finished products.

Most shade cloth and printed banner mesh substrates are not fire rated, however our premium product has tested fire retardant properties as well as full CSIRO wind rating.


As with most business choices, there are pros and cons to all options. In this case, it's a matter of weighing up your needs and considering your allocated budget.

Still not sure about what product is best for your business? Get in touch here to chat to one of our experts.

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