Outdoor advertising ideas and tips

  • Date12 November 2019
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It's more than likely you see hundreds of outdoor advertisements every day, they are everywhere. But the amount of advertisements you can recall is undoubtedly next to none. That's why it's so crucial to get outdoor advertising right. We've put together this article with Mesh Direct's best tips for outdoor advertising to help you grab your audience's attention as best as possible.

Create something original

Creating something original will help to grab the attention of passersby. All the best outdoor advertising campaigns which have gone viral have done so by capturing the imagination of an audience. And if you're not planning on taking it viral, creating something original is still vital to create something that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Make it shareable

Outdoor advertising is a superb way to get your brand and message out there. But by making something shareable it could also spread digitally. Create something that people want to share with friends, colleagues and on social media.

Less is usually more

You are likely to catch attention for a second or two - and that's if you are lucky. This means it's crucial that messaging is clear, concise and minimal. Keep it to a few words.


Consider where your advertising is positioned. Ideally, it will be somewhere with lots of foot traffic where it's going to receive attention. Think of it like any other advertisement, you want as many people to see it as possible.

Types of outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising is a staple for many brands and some of the most popular among our clients include:

Also becoming increasingly popular are sustainable signage options.

Get in touch

With over a decades experience, we know a thing or two about creating top-notch outdoor advertisements. Our dedicated team are here to help, get in touch today.

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