A+ for A-Class Hoarding: all you need to know about construction site hoarding

  • Date28 December 2021
  • Reading time 3 mins read

If you've got a development or construction site, you've got construction hoarding. The two go together like peanut butter and chocolate, not least because construction hoarding, or A-Class hoarding is often a legal requirement! However, it's so much more than just a legal hoop to jump through. From keeping your staff and site safe to ensuring public safety and increasing brand awareness, construction hoarding ticks a lot of important boxes. Let's delve a little deeper into hoarding and explore its various functions on construction sites. 

What is Construction Hoarding?

Construction hoarding, or A-Class hoarding, refers to the use of temporary fence-like structures around the perimeter of your development site. It has both an indicative use, signalling the boundary of the site, and protective use, securing the boundary of the site and what it contains. 

Although it may not seem like the most exciting component of your construction project, it's a crucial baseline for guaranteeing the well-being of the site, the staff, and the public. What's more, with the right graphics and materials, construction hoarding is the dream marketing and advertising opportunity! Contact us for advice on design, materials, and installation if you want to make the most of your hoarding. 


What does Construction Hoarding Actually Do?

Beyond ensuring you get the legal go-ahead for your project, hoarding fulfils many practical functions that are central to the success of the whole development.

Protects the Public, the Staff, and the Site

Good hoarding reduces the risk of injury to both staff and passers-by and protects the site from damage, be it weather-induced or some urban vandalism. It's part of the duty of care incumbent on all construction companies and site managers, to take all reasonable precautions to ensure both their employees and the public are safe. 

For Your Eyes (and Access) Only

Effective site management revolves around the question of access. Preventing unauthorised persons from accessing the site reduces the risk of injury, accidents, or damage, and preserves the secrecy of your project. Hoardings are the ideal perimeter security agents, protecting the site against trespass 24/7 and providing clearly marked entry points so that visitors and staff know how to safely access the site. They also guard against indiscrete or prying eyes, and protect the public from distractions that could cause accidents on roadsides and pavements.

Marketing Miracles

As well as performing important security functions, construction hoarding is the perfect blank canvas to boost your marketing game. Hoarding is becoming increasingly associated with the advertising functions of mediums such as billboards, which are designed to catch the eye from a distance and create a recognisable brand identity. Hoarding has a distinct advantage over billboards in that it shares space intimately with the public: hoarding is often on pavements, roads, or other urban spaces where people can't avoid it. This means your message and your brand receive extended exposure and become intimate elements of people's everyday landscapes. The rest is up to you! 

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