Why a construction company should invest in outdoor signage

  • Date16 September 2020
  • Reading time 3 mins read

Construction Australia-wide is booming as of 2020, making it extremely important to have appropriate branded signage for your construction company, without it you’ll be losing potential clients and large scale jobs. Mesh fence signage, vinyl hoardings and billboards are all a part of creating a strong and diverse brand image.

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Signage helps to make a business stand out from its competitors by showcasing an all-original and unique brand. The more vibrant and outstanding the signage, the more a business will gain the attention of the public eye. This is no different when it comes to a construction company - It’s as important as ever in the present day to have a good brand image that’ll help a company gain the edge on the competition.

Mesh Fence Signage:

Using mesh fence signage around the perimeter of a construction site is a great way to increase your customer base and in-turn increase your sales. Mesh fence signage can be seen all around your construction site giving your brand great coverage, making it very easy for the general public to see your brand name, what your company does and to what standard it's do ne. If these things are done to a high standard your company is likely to get an increase in business since those who see the signage are likely to make contact. 

Construction Site Signs Mesh Banner for Hobbs


Vinyl Hoarding Signage:

Hoardings are used instead of fences in some cases to be the border around a construction site. Hoardings create a non-transparent barrier around a site compared to fencing with mesh that allows a little transparency that individuals can see through. Having a vinyl banner for signage on hoarding is a great way to expose your company. The benefits are very much the same as mentioned for the mesh fence signage, the difference being that hoarding can more appropriately have vinyl banners used on them, which are highly durable, sharper and more vibrant in design with a very smooth surface unlike the mesh.

Buidcorp Vinyl Hoarding


Billboards are often used on construction sites for the purposes of selling land and/or properties, showcasing the name of a new estate, giving informative details of the land being worked on or even just displaying the brand image. Whatever the chosen use is, a billboard is very important in making sales and increasing overall business since they are often set to face the busiest roads around a construction site, therefore getting a lot of attention. They also sit rather high up making it more of a focal point for those driving-by.

Amalgamated Property Group Billboard


All three signage variations have their own benefits and can all work in conjunction together for the best coverage possible for a construction company. With the number of construction companies fighting for business right now, it's very important to give your company the edge with plentiful coverage and have it backed up with the highest standard of work.

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