Did Your Printed Banners Survive the Storm?

  • Date06 June 2016
  • Reading time 2 mins read

At Mesh Direct, we pride ourselves on the quality of our mesh banners but even our banners may not be able to withstand a once in a lifetime storm! If your banner suffered some damage this weekend gone, then we may be able to resurrect it with our banner repair service*. If the cable ties holding your printed banner to the fence have been destroyed, we recommend replacing them immediately before more damage is caused**.

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Watch this!
This quick video explains what printed banner substrate and finishing feature is best if your next project is in a high wind area.

*We will have our courier pick up your printed banner and return it to our workshop where we will add new eyelets. In sever cases, we may need to cut the banner down and weld a new edge on your banner before re-eyeleting. Please note that costs are involved but repairing your banner costs considerably less than the replacement of your banner. Repairs may take up to 14 days.

** Not using all the eyelets creates excessive strain on the eyelets that are being used which can lead to eyelet failure. Once an eyelet fails there can be a chain reaction as escalating strain is placed on each eyelet. This can cause banners to flap around which can lead to ink cracking and mesh fraying - let alone the sight of your wonderful advertising in disarray.

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