Five Telltale Signs You Need a Brand Overhaul

  • Date02 April 2021
  • Reading time 6 mins read

Thoughts of branding and rebranding often get lost in the hustle and bustle of running a business, but these could be the very thoughts that end up saving you. Your brand communicates your company's heart and soul, so it needs to represent you as you want your audiences to see you. Everything else, your mission, your ethos, your professional culture and your customer base is built around your brand identity. 

It's therefore essential to know when that brand identity is in need of an overhaul. There could be tangible signs that it's time for a change. These might include a move into national or international markets, the need to attract a new demographic, or representing new leadership. Other signs, however, are more subtle. Transforming a stagnant image, distancing yourself from a problematic reputation, or noticing when the market is over-taking you are vital strategic moves. They ensure not only your professional survival but your growth and thriving as well.

Rebranding can inject new life into your business, boost your revenue, strengthen customer loyalty, and improve your image. On the other hand, however, an ill-timed rebrand is expensive and could well sink you. Consequently, it's essential to understand when you need a rebrand, and when you don't. Luckily, we're here for you! At Mesh Direct, we understand brands, and we know what it takes for you to stand out. We've compiled a list of questions to consider and signs to look out for, so that you can plan a rebrand with total confidence. 

What is a Rebrand?

Before we get started, let's take a quick look at what exactly rebranding entails. It's all about upgrading your corporate image to stay relevant in the market and with your target audiences. 

Rebrands usually revolve around names, logos, websites, slogans, your brand mission and professional culture. It could be a tweak here and there or a total transformation of your identity. The degree of innovation will depend on the reason behind the rebrand and what you hope to get out of it. 

Some Questions to Consider

These four questions will help you decide whether your company needs a rebrand, and if so, how urgently. It's a good idea to run through them at least once a year to make sure you're always aware of your brand evolution!

Does your aesthetic (signs, graphics, colour scheme, etc.) reflect the company you are today?

Does your aesthetic tell a cohesive and consistent story?

How does your aesthetic and your marketing compare to your competitors?

What are your employees' attitudes towards their work, their place of work, and their employers? 

Five Telltale Signs You Need A Brand Overhaul

As well as pondering these questions, looking out for these # signs is the perfect way to make sure you stay on top of things. 

On the Bad Side of Vintage

No matter your success, brands and their associated identities become stale over time if they fail to evolve. You might argue that your branding has done a great job so far! However, at this point, it might be the thing that's holding you back. These days, especially, technology and cultures are changing so fast that it's easy for your branding to fall behind, failing to represent your product or service's true calibre. 

If your aesthetics seem dated and fail to attract the next generation of customers, it's probably time to rebrand. It's the best strategy for staying relevant and visible! 

Making (and keeping!) New Friends

Speaking of the next generation, no savvy youth will want to associate themselves with a dated or old-fashioned brand. If it looks like their parents shopped there, they won't! For a business to thrive, it's essential to keep tapping into new and emerging audiences. This requires a certain level of flexibility and adaptability, which includes knowing when to rebrand! Transforming your image can help you appeal to a broader audience and foster client loyalty amidst a new customer base.

This doesn't mean leaving your existing customers behind. It's essential to take them with you on your rebranding journey. Rebranding is the delicate art of speaking to a wide variety of people and making sure all of your target audiences feel included.  

Time for a New Mission

Every business owner starts out with a vision or a mission. However, every business evolves, and all business-people worth their salt will grow and develop with it. It's not unlikely that the original vision will transform too! If you've outgrown your vision, or your branding is no longer reflecting who you are and what you're working towards, it's time for new mission coordinates. 

Take stock of how your mission has shifted and changed, and rebrand your business to better reflect who you are today. This might be as simple as changing your colour scheme, or as comprehensive as renaming your company!

Less-Than-Ideal Candidates

Are the candidates showing up to job interviews not who you were hoping or looking for? They're likely getting the wrong idea about your company from your branding. And it's just as likely that your ideal employees are also confused. If you're not attracting the top talent your business deserves, it's definitely time for a makeover. 

As a strong employer with clear and powerful branding, you'll attract motivated, focused and passionate candidates who will become spirited, positive employees. This will transform your professional culture and foster openness and trust all around! It's so important to ensure your branding is speaking to the people you want in your company, not just your audience. 

Time to Refocus

With growth, it's normal for companies to start diversifying their offerings, copying the competition, and investing in many different areas. Scope creep could mean you're offering more than you originally intended and attracting a very broad range of clients. 

With this kind of dissipation, companies can quickly lose sight of the values that should drive them. Furthermore, it leads to unfocused branding as the business and its services become increasingly complex. Audiences and employees feel less connected to your brand identity and shift towards more targetted and value-driven companies. 

Unify your brand narrative by going back to the basics. A rebrand is the perfect way to regain perspective, shed business fat, refocus energy and resources, and generally take stock of where you are and where you want to be. Rebuild your brand strategy around your mission, vision and core goals, and watch your sales soar! 

If you are looking to level up your branding, have a look at our signage options here. Keep up to date with our latest projects here & news here.


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