Get Meshy! Banner Mesh for your Construction Site

  • Date14 May 2021
  • Reading time 4 mins read

It seems like large format printing will never go out of style. Banner mesh has been a crucial element in outdoor marketing campaigns for decades, and the advent of digital printing has only made them more accessible and more popular. This is especially true of development and construction companies, who know that a new project is also a perfect opportunity for creative branding and advertising. 

Throughout most cities, construction goes on non-stop. Renovation and development projects pop up everywhere, from refurbished mom-and-pop shops to extensive and sprawling construction sites. It just so happens that cordoning off your development site is a mandatory health and safety requirement, most often using temporary fencing or hoarding. This is an ideal opportunity to place your brand front and centre, all the while keeping the public safe and your site looking tidy. 

By their very nature, these projects are in the public eye and visible to a large volume of passers-by. Banners that can withstand the harsh conditions of construction environments are the perfect advertising tool, right there on the front lines! 

Enter mesh banners, the true budget-friendly superheroes of construction site fencing. Mesh is lighter than other options and has a high degree of wind permeability, reducing the wind-load and pressure on supporting structures. This makes it ideal for scaffolding, fences, temporary fence panels and any site that remains at the mercy of the elements. 

It's also highly durable, with excellent print reproduction. You truly get more bang for your buck with mesh banners! Still not convinced? Here are a few reasons mesh banners are your new best friends when it comes to construction site advertising. 

Gentle on the Wallet

Printed banner mesh is cheaper than other substrates, such as vinyl, but it doesn't compromise on quality. Get some peace of mind knowing your budget is on track, and your printed banners are providing powerful and impactful advertising behind your back! Add easy and cheap installation to the list, and mesh banners become one of the more attractive options for outdoor advertising. 

Multi-tasking is Key

Mesh banners perform a variety of crucial functions for both your site and your brand more generally. First of all, they're a perfect tool for complying with regulations. They keep the public safe and maintain the privacy of your project, as well as protecting your staff and site from wind, sun and debris. Beyond this, they hide the messiness that often accompanies construction, and they keep the whole area feeling and looking appealing. By doing so, they provide an extensive surface area that's really a blank advertising canvas! 

Using custom printed mesh banners across the periphery of your site makes the best use of this vast expanse of fencing. Take advantage of the great exposure an outdoors development site guarantees and brand to your heart's content! You'll reach a large and varied audience who will associate your brand with gorgeous graphics and witty words, rather than a messy and chaotic operation.

Limitless Versatility

Mesh banners can be safely secured to a wide variety of supports, and they're just as quickly taken down. What's more, they're easily attached to individual fence panels, which are very light and easy to transport or re-arrange. This means that adapting your panels to your site's changing conditions is a simple and straightforward operation you don't need to worry about! Your panelling evolves with you as the project develops. 

Reduce and Reuse

Mesh banners are easy to maintain and look after. You can reuse them from one project to the next without losing out on impact or aesthetics! Reusing your banners also reduces expenditure per project, and produces significant returns on a relatively small investment. Budget-friendly and long-lasting: what's not to love?

Let's Get Meshy!

We could talk your ear off about mesh banners, so reach out to us if you have any questions or need a quote. At Mesh Direct, we pride ourselves on the quality of our expertise, and of our products. Don't hesitate to check out our Banner Mesh Fence Panels to get an idea of what we're working with!

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