The Benefits of Social Distancing Signage: How Your Company Can Help Stop the Spread

  • Date27 October 2020
  • Reading time 4 mins read

One of the many changes businesses have had to adapt to this year has been compliance with signage rules and regulations. The once foreign notion of Social Distancing continues to be pivotal in many sectors, and looking to the future, it seems like it's here to stay. Appropriate and effective signage such as; crowd control barriers, floor stickers and washing hands signs are not only necessary but vital in the current landscape. These signs are used as reminders for individuals to take care and keep a safe distance from others in hopes of stopping the spread. The benefits of using social distancing signs are numerous, here are a few signage options which can be used to enforce social distancing practices. 

Crowd Control Barriers:

Mesh Direct’s Crowd Control Barriers are excellent for restaurants, cafes, construction sites and events to keep individuals segregated from each other thus assisting in the enforcement of social distancing. They are a great way to provide a physical and mental reminder to stay the governed 1.5 metres apart too. The benefit of using crowd control barriers as social distancing signs is that they are mobile which provides on-site flexibility. Moreover, they are a great way of instilling physical order and social movement at your event or business. 

Floor Stickers:


Both indoor and outdoor Floor Stickers are an imperative part of reminding people to keep a safe distance from one another and displays the safe standing distance. The indoor stickers are made of anti-slip laminate, whilst the outdoor ones are asphalt anti-slip decals, thus making sure in both scenarios crowds are safe from tripping on or over any stickers. 

Indoor Social Distancing Floor Stickers


Washing Hands Signs:


Please wash your hand's safety signs are a fantastic way to remind everyone to wash their hands as often as possible & whenever given the opportunity. This encourages good hygiene which in turn reduces the risk of any Covid-19 spread from occurring. These safety signs are lined with eyelets making them mountable, easy to read and suitable for indoor and outdoor purposes. 

Construction Safety Sign Please Wash Your Hands


3-Sided Corflute Bollard Cover:


3-Sided Corflute Bollard Covers are just another great way of displaying the Social Distancing rules. They are a particularly effective way to position your brand and signage in high traffic locations or as wayfinding signage. Bollards are noticeable and will reinforce Social Distancing practice. What's more, they are printed using premium UV stabilised inks for excellent weather resistance and flat packed for easy transport and installation.


Social Distancing Bollard Signs


Perspex Physical Barrier Screens:

Perspex Physical Barrier Screens are very important in keeping both your staff and the public safe since it creates a physical barrier between them at shops, event counters, reception desks and cafes. The use of our Perspex Physical Barrier Screens will effectively reduce the chances of any kind of spread when it comes to Covid-19.


Perspex Social Distancing Barrier Screen


Fire Retardant Fence Mesh:

Fire Retardant Fence Mesh in this instance will be highly beneficial for events and construction sites. Surround your event or site with signage reminding those inside of the Social Distancing measures that are expected of people at all times. Printed using UV stabilised inks and lined with eyelets mesh has a high print reproduction easy installation and longevity. 

Overall, the benefits of using social distancing signs are significant when it comes to reducing the spread of germs in general, but specifically Covid-19. Having these precautionary signs in place not only remind patrons but also actively reminds them to be hygienic and keep their distance whenever possible - together we can stop the spread of Covid-19.

View examples of the above social distancing sins on our Instagram page here. 

If you have any questions or enquiries,  give a member of our sales team a call on 1300 368 978 to chat about the best options for your company moving forward.

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