Which grand format print solution is best for my building site or outdoor event?

  • Date20 May 2015
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With advances in print technology and substrates the construction and event industries have been taking advantage of free advertising and branding opportunities on a grand scale. Building signage and outdoor event banners have been growing steadily in popularity as marketers look for cost effective ways of spreading their message.

Construction sites and property subdivisions need to have erected fence panels around their sites for security and dust protection. The fences tend to border roads giving great exposure to passing motorists and pedestrians. Organisers of musical events and sporting events also need erect temporary fencing for security and crowd control creating huge canvases for advertising their own or other brands.

Fence Advertising and Building Site Signs represent fantastic value for money branding opportunities. These days printing is not expensive, certainly not compared to other ways of spending marketing dollars to build brand recognition. Banner mesh, printed shade cloth and vinyl banners all offer different solutions and varying aesthetic results.

So, which printed banner material is right for your project?
With a variety of printed banner materials available, a little product knowledge and consideration of the key selection criteria of cost, print quality, longevity and durability can assist you to select a printed banner material that is ideal for your brief.

Printed shade cloth is a budget solution which yields a high impact result. Shade cloth is a permeable substrate which allows wind to easily pass through. It is made from knotted monofilament high-density polyethylene which makes it a strong and durable substrate. Otherwise known as scrim, fence mesh or fence fabric signage is attached to scaffolding, temporary fences, chain wire fences or building facades. Shade cloth provides a good print quality whilst allowing wind flow with an expected lifespan of 12-24 months if handled and installed correctly.

Printed shade cloth is ideal for printing logos and text or block colours. Plain writing on a single coloured background works best. This type of scrim can make colours look washed out. The mesh material is very porous so imagine that you are printing on 50% material - 50% air. Black can look grey, dark blue will look mid blue. It is not recommended to print intricate images, logos or photographs as they do not reproduce well.

Shade cloth can be re-used but it can look a little tired if not installed properly and tensioned. It is possible to wash any dirt off with water although care must be taken not to use high pressure cleaners too closely as it may remove the inks.

The disadvantages of shade cloth are that the design really needs to good to make the brand or message jump off the substrate.. It does need very good installation and maintenance if is to look good as it can tend to get a little loose and billowy. Shade cloth only comes in 50m rolls at 1.8 high.

Banner mesh is the most popular product used within the printed banner industry with its high print quality and durability. It is less permeable than shade cloth and delivers great print reproduction whilst allowing for wind flow. Printed banner mesh, also known as PVC-coated mesh, fence fabric, mesh banner and shade mesh is a versatile substrate which can be used on temporary fences, scaffolding, cyclone fences, billboards, wooden hoarding, containers and just about any application. The PVC coating allows the inks to be very well absorbed. Banner mesh has a guaranteed lifespan of 12 months although it is not uncommon to get up to 5 years use from banners. Like shade cloth, banner mesh is easy to install with cable ties. New nylon supertuff seatbelt style webbing ensures banner mesh is durable and can withstand heavy winds without tearing.
At Mesh Direct generally sell two types of PVC mesh banner, our budget solution which is 9 threads per inch, and our premium solution which is 12 threads per inch. High wind-load and fire rated mesh is also available.

Budget mesh is terrific substrate for photo quality image reproduction at an economical price. It is priced just slightly more than shade cloth and the print result is a great deal better. 9 by 9 banner mesh is also finished with supertuff webbing on the edges.

Vinyl banners, otherwise known as PVC banners produce a photo quality print result with its non porous solution. This has its advantages in the fantastic print reproduction but can limit the size of the vinyl banner because of stress loads from wind. Vinyl banners are ideal for building sites and in particular timber hoardings.

Poly mesh banners deliver a high quality print result at a low cost which is ideal for festivals and events. Poly mesh banners are the best printed banner solution for short term purposes as its lifespan is the lowest of all printed banner materials available at Mesh Direct.

At Mesh Direct we are a truly national business delivering all over Australia. All our products are printed in Australia using the finest substrate and inks on the market. Please give us a call on 1300 368 798 for a no obligation quotation for your next project.

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