3 Visual Brand Executions That We Love

  • Date26 September 2018
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At Mesh Direct we’re always excited to see a brief executed to perfection. Whatever the challenge and whatever the project, we’re always ready to rise to the occasion and ensure the right product is delivered for the right job. We have worked across a variety of projects that have showcased the high-quality hoardings and banners that we produce. Check out some of our latest signage projects that are works of art.           

Construction art for Lahey Constructions

Our work with Lahey Constructions is a perfect example of construction site turned contemporary art installation. Thanks to our high-quality vinyl hoarding, this job site was able to look good and comply with the City of Sydney Creative Hoarding standardsVinyl hoarding is particularly suitable for construction sites as it is very durable, meaning it’s perfect for long-term situations. It’s also a non-porous surface, meaning your design will look sharp and be fade resistant.

[caption id="attachment_2035" align="alignnone" width="300"]vinyl hoardings Lahey Constructions Vinyl Hoarding[/caption]

Vivid print for Vivid Festival

Sydney’s Vivid Festival is a vast outdoor showcase and we knew that polymesh would be perfect to provide structure to the event, without making it feel cut off from the city. The premium material allowed for excellent air flow and a sense of openness for the Vivid attendees, but also provided organisers with maximum ink coverage for their branding. Our installation team had no trouble installing signage around the festival activations, and the result was vibrant signage that complemented the spectacular festival lights.

[caption id="attachment_1051" align="alignnone" width="300"]vivd festival polymesh Vivid Festival Polymesh. Photo taken by Destination NSW.[/caption]

Vibrant branding for Relative Creative

When Relative Creative approached us to help with their festival signage, we knew we needed to produce something that popped. As the installation was outdoors, we knew our premium banner mesh would be perfect for the job. Premium banner mesh delivers a stunning print result and with the Augmented Reality aspect included on the mesh, the design needed to be printed in high quality so that the technology would be recognised. The PVC coated substrate also means it will absorb ink well, so it looks sharp and will be resistant to UV fading.

[caption id="attachment_2036" align="alignnone" width="300"]Premium banner mesh Relative Creative Relative Creative Premium Banner Mesh[/caption]


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