6 Reasons to Consider Fabric Banners for Your Upcoming Events

  • Date30 July 2020
  • Reading time 3 mins read

The right fabric banners for your event elevate the whole ambience, contributing to the efficiency, positivity and beauty of the experience. The wrong banners, on the other hand... 

The material you choose for your banner has a significant impact on its longevity, maintenance and appearance. It's essential that you take the time to think about how you want to use your banners so that you can choose the material that's right for you. 

Vinyl has a long tradition of being the favoured material for event signage, but we think fabric banners could give vinyl a run for its money. From aesthetic considerations like the print quality to practical factors like transport and maintenance, fabric banners really take the biscuit!

Fabric is Fabulous: Why Fabric Banners are the Right Choice for your Next Event.

Fabric banners have a slight edge over vinyl in quite a few event-related departments. Let's dive in!

Great Graphics on Fabric Banners

The texture of fabric banners lends itself to high-quality images, a wide range of colours and a highly vibrant print. Tensioned fabric or heavier fabric also help limit creases and folds, giving your image a premium quality. The soft, textured aspect of the print further adds a little touch of luxury. Events are environments where looks count, and fabric banners deliver every time.

Fabric Banners for Fabulous Photos

Fabric banners are the ideal backdrop for photos at events. They absorb rather than reflect light, thereby preventing glare and shine from various light sources and camera flashes. If you've designed banners that deserve to be flooding those social media hashtags, you'll want them printed on material that photographs like Heidi Klum.

Fabric for Flexibility

Fabric can be draped, hung, wrapped around a pillar, displayed in a banner stand... The options are endless! This means a fabric banner has the flexibility and versatility needed to lend itself to any venue and experience. If you can think of it, you can display it. 

Transport and Storage

Where vinyl needs to be rolled up, fabric banners can be folded up small for transport. They're thus much easier, both physically and logistically, to transport and store. This makes setting up and taking down your event displays much more manageable too.

Maintenance Made Easy

Vinyl can crease easily, and once it does, you can't simply iron it out. When it comes to fabric, if it's folded and stored without wrinkles, it will emerge from storage without wrinkles. When it does become creased, a warm iron will do the trick! Make sure to test the heat on a back corner of the banner before things get a little too hot, though. 

It's true that vinyl banners can be easier to clean - simply wipe them down with a damp cloth. But outdoors and dye-sublimated fabrics are just as straightforward to clean these days. They might just need a few trips to the dry-cleaners once in a while. 

Display on Repeat

Fabric banners really take the biscuit when it comes to reusability. Because they're so easy to transport, store and maintain, and so durable when it comes to being handled, they're ideal for displays that will be repeated again and again and again across a range of locations. You won't need to worry about your banners losing their appeal or premium feel over multiple uses. 

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