9 Event Signage Ideas to Improve the Attendee Experience

  • Date12 March 2020
  • Reading time 5 mins read

Every event is different. Some are exclusive and intimate, and others require large venues for innumerable guests; some take place inside, while others embrace the great outdoors. From music to business or food and drink, no two events are the same! Nonetheless, there are a few factors that all event organisers need to take into account. One of the most crucial contributors to a positive attendee experience remains signage. 

Signage is a necessary, but often overlooked, element in event planning. Left to the last minute, or worse, left out altogether, signage can actively detract from your guests' experience and rob you of precious brand exposure opportunities. Done well, smart and creative signage elevates the attendee experience to the next level. Effective signs enhance guest interaction with your brand, ensuring your event runs smoothly and everyone has all of the information they need so they can relax. 

Signage is there to make sure your guests aren't preoccupied with the details: where do we go now? Are we supposed to register? Where is the ---? As the event planner, you need to make sure your guests feel relaxed, safe and looked after so they can focus on the big picture: how is your event or your brand relevant? There are a few vital signs all events definitely require:

  • entrance
  • bathrooms
  • registration or check-in kiosk
  • information desk
  • social media handles
  • food/drink locations
  • rooms/stages/events
  • timetable
  • lines or queues
  • charging stations
  • exit

Beyond the practical essentials, using signage to engage with your guests, both on- and offline, generate hype and leads, and go the extra mile so that guests have the smoothest experience possible means your event and your brand will stand out in all the right ways. 

Since signage is a necessity, why not get creative and enjoy the process of directing your guests? Have fun with it, and your guests are sure to get into the spirit. Remember, every sign is a branding opportunity! You can never have too much positive exposure. 

Creative Event Signage Ideas

Free-standing Oversized Signs

Free-standing oversised signs are sure to make a splash! They can be seen from a distance, create visually impactful photo-opportunities and are a great way to promote your event's motto, values or social media handles. Used as a welcome or entrance sign, they make guests feel like they have truly 'arrived,' and immediately give the impression that the attendee experience is in good hands. 

Neon Signs

Neon signage is difficult to ignore, and why would you want to? It's highly visible, fun and lighthearted, and can be used for a multitude of purposes. From an entrance sign to directional indications or social media handles, neon lights generate interest and selfies. 

Graffiti Walls

Another highly versatile feature, graffiti walls can be put to many uses. There are two main types of graffiti wall. One is a design created by an artist on a wall or free-standing surface for the purpose of the event (welcome sign, event map, timetable, directions, social media zone - the sky's the limit!). The other comprises a wall, physical or digital, on which guests can draw, write or otherwise engage with your brand. This highly visual element creates great photo-opportunities and contributes to simplifying and embellishing your guests' experience. 


While all events require some form of directional indications, there's no reason these can't be creative and memorable! Theme your signposts according to your event and brand, creating a smooth and cohesive experience for your guests. From vintage street signs to mannequins or traffic wardens, the options are endless in making your directional signage an integral part of your branding and exposure. 

Stair Wraps

Stairs are definitely an under-utilised resource when it comes to brand exposure. Stair wraps are a great way of putting your brand or your sponsors front and centre, drawing attention to your social media handles or providing directions. They contribute to designing a cohesive scheme that truly envelopes your guests. 

Floor Graphics

Another under-utilised space, floors provide a fantastic opportunity for creative directional signage, brand exposure or guest engagement. Create different zones for your event, invite guests to follow clues or trails or simply point them in the right direction. 


Barriers are a staple of event signage. Essential for crowd control, directing foot traffic and zoning, they look much better with a branded panel, banner or covering! With the right design, even these highly functional elements can become branding or photo opportunities, adding to the positive exposure of your brand and sponsors. Arresting visuals, humourous tags or helpful information on your barriers all contribute to the guest experience. 


With a little bit of creativity, anything can become a unique and memorable sign. Surfboards or furniture items, mannequins or plants, blankets or mirrors - the only limit is your imagination! Props stand out because we're unused to seeing certain things used in an informational context, so they make memorable and distinctive signs that are sure to help your brand stand out.

Step and Repeats (Media Walls)

A Step and Repeat, or media wall, features your logo of choice repeated across a pull-up banner or panel. It's a great way to gain positive exposure and guest interaction! Media walls make great backdrops for photographs, and they're highly versatile regarding placement and movement, so you can use them effectively to signpost particular events, speakers or spaces. 

Have a look at some of the event signage we have worked on in the past here. 

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