Boost Your Outdoor Advertising with Banner Mesh

  • Date05 March 2021
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Despite having been around for centuries, outdoor advertising remains one of the most powerful ways to boost your branding. A well-designed banner, whether at an event or protecting a construction site, has a massive impact on your audience, and an equally significant impact on your returns! It consequently remains the ideal way to increase your brand exposure, draw on a broader audience and client-base, and unlock your full growth potential. 

When it comes to outdoor advertising, Banner Mesh is really one of your best bets. It's the perfect blend of form and function, effortlessly performing various purposes while providing an eye-catching canvas for your branding. Furthermore, it's a highly customisable and cost-effective option, suited to most budgets and brand aesthetics. As far as substrates go, banner mesh truly puts the work in for you! 

Let's dive a little deeper into the benefits of banner mesh, before exploring some tips and tricks to get the most out of your outdoor advertising. 

Benefits of Banner Mesh

Function Before Form

When designing signage for an event or a construction site, it needs to be practical and functional as well as aesthetic. Banner mesh thus provides more than a great advertising platform:

  • It keeps dust and sediment from accumulating in your site.
  • It allows air to breeze right through, keeping your site nice and breathable.
  • It blocks out the sun, providing protection and shade for patrons and employees.


As has already been mentioned, banner mesh is a highly cost-effective option for your outdoor advertising. It's affordable both to purchase and customise, so your returns quickly outweigh the investment!

Broad Reach

Banner mesh is ideal for events and locations with plenty of patrons or passers-by - that means a wide and varied audience for your brand! The customisable banner size also means you can place panels where they'll have the best reach, all the while knowing the fit will be right, and the print will be of the highest quality. 

Consistency and Quality

Our customised banner mesh guarantees high print reproduction as well as accuracy. The designs you submit are the designs you get! This means you can rest assured your branding will remain consistent throughout your sites, helping you craft a cohesive message for your audiences.

Once you've got your banner mesh, how do you got about crafting effective advertising? We've got your back.  

Practical Tips For Designing Outdoor Advertising

Know Your Materials

Different sites, different environments and different events have specific demands when it comes to banners. Whether it's a high-wind site that requires a more breathable banner, or a high fire-risk environment which needs a fire-retardant banner, there's a material for each situation. Knowing what you're getting yourself into means you'll be able to choose the material that's right for you, and ensure your advertising stays put and effective for as long as possible.  

Size Matters

This may seem a little self-explanatory, but we can't stress enough the significance of understanding how to size your banner. Banners which are too big, or too small, are both impractical and ineffective, disrupting your aesthetic and failing to protect your site. Our tip? Always order a banner that is slightly smaller than your panel or surface area. This ensures it's easier to secure effectively and to tension correctly, thus guaranteeing a flat surface for your designs and longevity. It also means air can flow around and beneath it, preventing wind strain. 

Fitting Finishings

The environment your banners will inhabit also influences the finishing you choose. Standard features include Hemmed Edges, Welded Edges or Eyelets, amongst others. Make sure to ask us what the ideal finishings for your project are!

Now that the practical stuff is out of the way, it's time for some fun!

Design Tips for Effective Advertising 

Sharing is Caring

In this day and age, the digital world has a huge impact on business success. Although we're talking about print advertising at the moment, findings ways to engage with the digital world is a great way to stay relevant and memorable. 

You can achieve this by making your campaign shareable, a must-have on people's social media. Whether it's a graphic that passers-by can engage with, a witty tagline or a hashtag, find ways to slide your advertising into those DMs. 

Integration For the Win

Another great way to engage with the digital world is to integrate your advertising with social media or a website, by providing QR codes, weblinks, @'s and hashtags. This also makes it easier for audiences to interact with your brand! Building rapport in this way generates customer loyalty and encourages 'word-of-mouth' advertising.  

Know Your Audience

Targetting your advertising towards a specific audience or demographic is key to engaging with them effectively. Tone, aesthetic, colours - all of these communicate your intention and resonate with different audiences in different ways. Make sure yours is resonating in the right way with your ideal client base.

Less is More

Images speak a thousand words, right? So let them do the talking by keeping your text to a minimum: audiences only have a few minutes and an attention span of 2-3 seconds in which to engage with your sign. This means brevity and concision, as well as a legible font, are critical. Consequently, writing copy is actually one of the most challenging aspects of advertising! It also means that choosing your graphics is a significant strategic move. They work hard to engage audiences' attention, communicate your core message and brand identity, and make sure you are remembered. 

Consistency is Key

Help your audiences recognise you by remaining consistent in your use of graphics and colour. Everything from your font, colour scheme, and tone help build your identity and engage customer loyalty. 

Banner Mesh At Mesh Direct

At Mesh Direct, mesh is our thing. We've got mesh for every need and budget! Whether you're looking for rollssingledouble or triple panels, or a customised banner, get it in a premium or standard quality along with expert advice on crafting your advertising. Our Fire Retardant range also offers added protection against high winds and -flames, for that extra peace of mind. 

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions! In the meantime, enjoy browsing our top-of-the-range products. We always have something exciting happening, keep up to date with us here. 


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