How to Make Your Event Successful With Branded Signage

  • Date24 January 2018
  • Reading time 4 mins read

Events are time critical and it is absolutely vital to have your branded signage in the right place at the right time. Making your event successful requires a lot of planning, plus numerous resources and promotion strategies in place to complete your event.

Events attract large audiences with common interests, hence, why utilising branding opportunities with signage is critical for success.

Event organisers only want the highest quality signage to ensure their brand and reputation remain in tact. With Mesh Direct, you get a choice of material, shade cloth, banner mesh, vinyl etc. with each boasting their own benefits and suitability. You can read more about your options here. Picking the right material for your signage is vital, and there are many external factors to consider such as budget, wind exposure and durability.

Banner Mesh is a favoured event signage product, offering an ideal finish and easy application. The material has exceptional visual impact, whilst still offering a lightweight texture. Ultimately great for both indoor and outdoor events, the ink is very well absorbed and provides great UV protection, making your signage looking sharp before and throughout the event.

Printed Shade cloth or Scrim is an extremely budget conscious choice. Providing high impact results for advertising, Shade cloth is an accessible substrate which allows wind to simply pass through the material creating a very light load on the structure. This makes it perfect for covering fences at an outdoor festival which expects to experience high wind. While shade cloth is a durable lightweight material, it is not the best for exceedingly elaborate designs and photographs, however, it's still effective with printed logos, colour and script.

Another great idea is using vinyl hoarding. Vinyl has excellent print reproduction, making this a popular choice for big and intricate designs that incorporate a lot of colour. Fantastic for photographs or maps, Vinyl Hoarding can be produced in any size or length with an amazing glossy or matte finish, leaving your signage looking professional and lasting longer.

Hosting an event would be impossible without signage as gaining a target audience is not only essential for the atmosphere but the financial outcome as well. Outdoor signs are used to highlight your event with attractive graphic designs that should engage your market, creating a more professional look.

Your primary focus is a distinctive banner that people will remember, being the first point of advertising they will see. Ensuring you choose colours that work well together, it is the main aspect for creating that excited energy you need to help the flow of your event.

From bold colours to more subtle tones, make sure there is a balance to these tones for that aesthetically pleasing effect, hopefully drawing in your target audience.

Another example, includes fonts. Your banners should have at least two fonts; italic bold to really highlight a specific detail or italic serif to create high visual impact. Groups of information always need to be broken up so it easier for your attendees to read and for aesthetic purposes.

If not through words, the collage of photographs can be a great way of advertising your event. Photos lend credibility to your company as viewers can see the quality of your previous work. When trying to achieve a higher attendance of guests, the visual display of your banners are very important. The sizing matters, depending on what you want to print on it, logos, pictures, possibly even maps. This is made possible with the grand printing format which has been improved and built upon over the years.

Large banners that are visually appealing and suited to your event theme, should be placed at the entrance of your event to welcome the attendees, and around the area.

Signage also allows more of an opportunity to provide information on what to expect on the day and answer their possible questions. In the case of sports events or music festivals where there are many different activities or stages around the location, signage is a life saver.

Signage communicates to your attendees exactly what or who they are looking for, where to go, making it a more enjoyable experience. Having your signage throughout an event generates the sense of greater credibility; promoting your organisation with the logos displayed for all the see creating brand recognition.

For more information on how signage can work for your next event, click here, or give us a call on 1300 368 978.

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